15 quick ways to improve your style

  Humans are built to create and to love beauty. We are creative animals, constantly stimulated by the visual stimuli around us and the everchanging looks of the world. We are also anxious animals, so the thoughts of expressing ourselves more, through our style and aesthetic scares us, most often because of how people around us might see us. And so, we stay bland and conservatory and we rarely get to the action step.

    You probably passed today, or at least this week, a few people with perfected outfits, radiating of confidence, that made you notice them and turn your head. That level of style and control over their aesthetic doesn’t come easy. They invest time into research and inspiration. They’re constantly looking for ways to match outfits with accessories, with seasons and occasions, with moods and places.  

    And we know most of you don’t have the time to invest in your style, or just have other priorities like jobs, children, hobbies and other time-consuming activities. That’s why we came up with 15 quick actions to help you with building your own style and image, and make you feel more beautiful and more confident. We want to help you pick up defining accessories, match your outfits or create them, feel better in your own skin and improve your overall style, with the least time and effort.

    You need to be brave and try one small step at a time – for example getting one new accessory to match with an old outfit, like a new pair of gloves or a new scarf.

     Click a section below to be taken to one of the suggestions on how to spice up your aesthetic. Picking at least one of them might do wonders to your style.


#action 1 Focus on your star items and attention-grabbing clothes (30~120min)

   We all love compliments. Getting attention and praise for our outfit and accessories makes us feel good, lifts our spirits, and can make our day. If you’re one for compliments and attention, then you must keep an eye for the items and outfits that get you the praise and the smiles, and then build your style around those. Alternate colors, materials, accessories, but remember the ones that have already worked for you.

    This is a more conservative approach, but one that pays off, nonetheless. This is meant to build your confidence in your style – take it slow and risk-free when building your wardrobe and afterwards you can slowly add new clothes and defining accessories and see if they garner the same results. 


#action 2 Highlight the features you want (20~30min)

  Most of us, at some point in our life, were teased for some quirks and body features and that might have left an unwanted mark that spread to our clothing choices too. Some days we’re not ready to face the world, showing those features, so we might tend to hide them behind our clothes. Some days we want our quirks and so called “defects” to be the center of attention and give a big middle finger to the world and its made-up standards.

    You don’t owe anything to anyone and expressing yourself through clothes can help you build the right attitude for the right time. Liberate and empower yourself through your style or just choose not to deal with the eyes of the world today, if you don’t feel like it. Build and adapt your aesthetic based on how you feel.


#action 3 Organize and clean up your wardrobe (60~120min)

   It’s a good idea to, first, just empty the entire closet and go through everything. There might be things in there you almost never wore, or items you forgot existed.

    Next, you need to organize them by category, needs, colors and whatever criteria you care about. Make use of your other rooms if necessary – you need to see all your belongings properly and you need a lot space for that. In the end, donate, sell, throw away the things you don’t want to wear anymore, or are damaged or you feel like they will suit someone better.

   We always recommend repeating this process occasionally, based on your wardrobe’s size, budget and needs. Clean and tidy clothes will make you feel better, let you match outfits faster, categorize and define accessories easier, and give you access to all your items.

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#action 4 Try a new haircut (30~120min)

  There are two ways of doing this. The first one consists of non-invasive tweaks like separating your hair to one side or weaving or adding accessories to your hair. There are plenty of tutorials and even mobile apps which you can use to help you find the right fit for you. And the more radical change, where you try a new color, or a new length or style. It is always recommended to discuss your wishes with a professional before doing anything drastic, but there are always the overlooked wigs. Try one. Try the pink one or the short haired one, or any that is the furthest from your current hair style. Experiment. And you might be surprised of the results.  

   Changing your hair style can increase your confidence, reflect your attitude or celebrate the changes in your life. Let your hair tell your story.


#action 5 Learn a new makeup routine (30~120min)

  Whenever you have the chance, don’t hesitate to go to the beauty counter for those free makeovers, and ask a makeup artist to explain the whole process. If you have an idea you always wanted to try but felt like it’s beyond your skill, this is also a good opportunity to ask them how to achieve this look. Another good learning tool are the many YouTube tutorials on how to apply make-up and what product to use for different types of skins and occasions.

  Make-up is one of the most creative and the oldest inventions of mankind. And it’s been perfected and developed to a point where we have thousands of products and ways of doing it. Don’t overlook the magic of creativity when it comes to painting your face and express yourself freely.  

Other Resources: Makeup Tutorials and Tips


#action 6 Take inspiration from famous people(20~60min)

    The purpose of this step is not to encourage you to imitate or clone celebrity looks completely but to take inspiration and maybe find clothing and accessories that suits you. Try to think of a celebrity that maybe looks like you, or you admire, or you feel like it represents you in one way or another and start studying their image.

   The main reason for this is the fact that behind the branding of a celebrity are entire teams working to make them look their best in public. Most times, famous designers and fashion creators are responsible for those looks we see plastered on TV or Magazines. Resources, most of us we don’t have access to, so this is a good way to inspire and to find new clothes to add to your wardrobe or maybe find the next defining accessory.


#action 7 Add a new clothing item on your to-buy list (15min)

   Look at your budget and figure when your next clothes shopping session will take place and try to include in there something totally new and interesting. Something that is different from your current style but will complement it though. Enhance your aesthetic one small step at a time, with one thoughtful piece of clothing at a time and soon enough, you’ll have a new collection to love and enjoy.

    Don’t overindulge in buying too many items and never go over your budget. One significant accessory at a time can make a huge difference and it will have much more value to you if it was chosen carefully and not bought on impulse.

Other resources: Budget shopping


#action 8 Let the jewelry be your highlight

 Jewelry are enticing pieces of art that have delighted our eyes for thousands of years. A piece of jewelry moving on the right hand, at the right occasion can create magic no other accessory can.

  Choose jewelry that represents your style and don’t be afraid to experiment. Go dark, go sparkly, go leathery. Find the ones that suit the best and make them part of your creative expression. Jewelry can complement one’s personality and it can make you feel fashionable, beautiful and luxurious.

Other resources: Jewelry tips


#action 9 Let health shape your beauty

  Don’t neglect your health. Both body and mental health are as important, and you must pay attention to the little signs before they become big problems. Try to prevent rather than cope and always sleep enough, move around, meditate, gather positive thoughts. Take care of yourself and treat yourself with love.

    While health is not on your side, everything else might become irrelevant for a while. Your creative expression will suffer, and your struggles might stand against your beauty.



#action 10 Put on the right shoes

Step 1, First look at this, and choose the right shoes according to the occasion and weather you want to go out in. You can try a and go for neutral shoes too – and a good approach can be to first choose the shoes and then match the rest of the outfit, but the other way around works well too – this is a reference. It all depends on your going out ritual and the occasion.

   Always aim for comfort rather than looks. If your shoes are uncomfortable you will suffer, and your enthusiasm and confidence may take a hit because of it. Uncomfortable people don’t look stylish, they don’t radiate energy and don’t turn heads unless they fall comically, wearing the wrong shoes.

    Today’s shoes are considered important fashion accessories. In most cultures, shoes represent a social status or an extension of self. People look down. They see your shoes, so make sure they represent you and your overall style.


#action 11 Match your outfit  keep colors in mind (20min)

   If you’re not always sure what colors match these days or which don’t, there are helpful guides to choose the right color and mix them, like Edraw fashion design software which helps you pick up a set of clothes and accessories and see how they fit together.

   Playing with colors and matching them in certain ways can create a visual impact for your overall image. The color you wear has a huge influence on your mood, attitude and how you see yourself. You can be a sunshine that brings smiles or a green forest that calms the minds. Each color can affect your feelings and the feelings of the people around you.

Other Resources: Color Wheel Guide


#action 12 Go crazy (20~40min)

   Dare to try. The first step is the easiest. The anxiety of anticipation is the hardest one. So, stop worrying for a little while and take the first step bravely. Go and try your opposite gender’s clothes or try to hide or to reveal more of your skin than you usually do, or than you’re supposed to by society’s standards.

   Try to go over two sizes with your clothes and let your creativity roam free with your style and see how that feels. There is no possibility of mistakes here, just of regrets. Take a chance and free yourself.

    There’s still the misconception that there is a clear distinction between men’s and women’s clothing. But Gender-bending fashion is beautiful and still daring in most places. Express yourself, put on something crazy. Don’t worry about the labels and the eyes. Focus only on your creativity and fun!


#action 13 Turn to Pinterest – create virtual closets (30~50min)

   Maybe some of you use social media strictly for communication and sharing photos with family and friends, so you’re most likely sticking with only one or two mainstream platforms like Facebook or Instagram. But there is a social media platform which caters to the online shoppers and people who want to get inspiration for diverse projects and personal interests – Pinterest.

  On Pinterest you can create boards and collections of items and accessories and inspiring photographs. You can build virtual wardrobes and create accessory closets from the thousands of pictures available. You can create your boards based on your needs and wants, like for example: “spring outfits”, “defining accessories”, “blue dresses” and keep adding to them and enrich your style.

   You can also follow other people and take inspiration from their visually pleasing boards and for sure, you will find items that will be a great fit for your aesthetic.


#action 14 Watch an old French movie (1h~2h)

   Maybe you’ll need to set aside a little more time for this action, compared with the others mentioned, but this one might also be the most entertaining of them all, especially if you’re someone who enjoys old cinema or just movies in general.

   Old French movies, set in Paris, are often full of iconic outfits and timeless classics when it comes to clothes and accessories. So, pay attention to details, not just to the enthralling story. Watch the people on the streets, the jewelry, the shoes. Your character might go into an old Chanel boutique to buy a hat or a lovely blouse, or you might see them enjoying themselves at fancy cocktail party. 

  Inspire yourself from fashion from an old era that is responsible for a lot of current trends and improve your style with timeproof classics.


#action 15 Revive a classic – try leather gloves as a defining accessory (20~60min)

 Leather gloves have always been fashionable but often overlooked. We see plenty of examples, like designers wearing them during the Paris Fashion Week or the former Chanel design director Karl Lagerfeld who used to wear leather gloves all the time, but they never seem to become mainstream. And in that fact lies huge opportunity for the ones who want to stand out from the crowd and be unique. Reviving a classic from the past and integrate into your style, or even make it your defining accessory might give your image the class and vintage look you were always looking for.

   Leather gloves need a little more attention to detail though and it is recommended that the gloves should match the features of your outfit. If for example, you wear yellow leather gloves, you should match other accessories to the same color, such as yellow belts, or scarfs.

   People wearing leather gloves are quite rare these days. Wearing a pair will garner attention and make you stand out. Go as far as choosing them as your defining accessory and you’ve set yourself with a classic unique route when it comes to your style. You can buy different colors or different types of leather gloves for later matching with your outfits – driving gloves, vintage gloves, dress gloves, etc. – click on it to buy. Either you’re going for a walk on an autumn day, or entertain yourself at a late cocktail party, leather gloves can be your attraction point and reliable accessory.

Nowadays, gloves are used mostly for functional purpose, but there’s much more to them. I really like wearing gloves, especially leather gloves. It is a fairly priced accessory, that creates a classy and elegant appearance. Many fashion elements that were popular in the 1940s and 1950s are spells that charm people and make them fall in love with you. Revive the magic of that timeless fashion by choosing leather gloves as your defining accessory. Make yourself stand out and make your style a classic that turns heads.

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