24 etiquette experts list 3 favorite modern gloves etiquette rules


Do you like gloves? Leather gloves? Driving gloves? Dress gloves?

What is gloves etiquette?

 I posed a simple question to 24 etiquette experts: If you had to choose three of your favorite rules of modern glove etiquette, which three would you choose? I love vintage stuff, especially vintage gloves,Gloves are a fashion accessory, but I don’t know how to wear them. From the 1950 s fashion etiquette handbook to know, or《the white glove etiquette》? I think it will be a long process. That is why I want to get their opinions from experts, I like three rules, because too much.

Let me tell you three rules of modern glove etiquette that I picked up from 24 etiquette experts. Here they are:

Maura J. GraberJodi RR SmithDiana Gough Mather

Julia Esteve BoydMelissa LeonardJacqueline Whitmore

Karen A ThomasJo BryantJules Martinez Hirst

Courtney FadlerJuliet MitchellJeannie Vaage

 Maryanne ParkerlIsobel KershawLouise Fox

Lewena BayerPamela HarvitJacquelyn Youst

Sharon Schweitzer,Anna Musson  ,Laura Akano ,

Jackie Vernon-Thompson,Candace Smith,Rosalinda Oropeza Randall 

Responses listed in the order they were received in:

Maura J. Graber– Etiquette Sleuth                              

Gloves should suit the occasion and one’s attire.       

*Gloves should always be removed before eating, drinking or smoking, regardless of what you have seen in period dramas or movies.

*Gloves should be spotless and checked to make certain there are no holes, or tears in them, before wearing them in public.

*Gloves should match ones outfit and occasion in fabric, color and tone.

Jodi RR Smith-Etiquette Advocate               

gloves are both a fashion accessory and a functional part of your wardrobe.

*In the most basic of forms, gloves protect our hands from the elements.  For those of us who live where the weather is cold, gloves are a must to keep warm.

*Gloves serve as wonderful protectors from dirt, grime and germs making them highly useful on public transportation.

*Just remember to remove your gloves when shaking hands with others or when dining.  (The exception would be for women’s evening gloves which would remain on for shaking hands, but would still be removed for dining.)

Diana Gough Mather-Senior Etiquette Tutor      

Gloves are not worn anything like as much these days, but there are still some occasions where they are a must

* Gloves should be worn at Royal Garden Parties and formal banquets and they should be worn rather than carried.

* Rings should be worn under gloves and bracelets over them.

*Gloves should never be worn when eating; they should be placed under the napkin on your lap.

Julia Esteve Boyd-International Etiquette Consultant

*Remove gloves before eating anything, whether at the dining table or not it just looks strange. If standing at a Cocktail Reception, they can be held in the same hand as a clutch, never tucked under an arm。

*No rings or watches over the gloves is a rule still applies, only bracelets… I love this as it looks so elegant and delicate and the gloves can be appreciated as a real fashion accessory。

*Typically the shorter the sleeve, the longer the length of the glove can be. I recently attended the Hong Kong races and saw a woman wearing a beautiful sleeveless day dress, paired with a hat and long over the elbow gloves… so chic!What a fashion accessory! Also, traditionally the texture of gloves should not match exactly the texture of the dress, they should complement it。

Melissa Leonard-“stuff” Business Etiquette expert

*When shaking hands, people often ask if they should remove or keep on their right hand glove especially when outside. If you meet a friend or colleague outside, there might not be time to quickly remove your glove to meet their outstretched hand, but definitely TRY to unmask that hand when you say hello, especially if you have on bulkier gloves or mittens. Once you are inside, immediately remove your gloves to shake hands! After all, with germs lurking on someone’s hands, it’s certainly easier to clean your hands than that gorgeous pair of Italian leather gloves!

*Having at least one pair of nice leather, faux leather or sheepskin gloves should be a staple in your wardrobe especially for those in business.Gloves are a fashion accessory .It’s a sharp, classic and clean look with any outfit day or night in the colder months and makes a good impression. As much as we would all love to be judged by others on our innate worth, sadly we are usually judged, right off the bat, by how we look and how we present ourselves。

*When taking off gloves, look like a pro. Taking off gloves can be sexy! Don’t grab them and peel them off inside out. Simply loosen the glove by the palm and then gently pull up each finger one at a time。

Jacqueline Whitmore-International Etiquette expert


*Always remove your gloves before eating。

*Remove your gloves when shaking someone’s hand。

Karen A Thomas-Certified Etiquette Educator   

*Gloves may be worn in a receiving or reception line as the host or guest,Remove gloves upon being seated at the table。

*Gloves may be left on to greet or shake hands,Choose the appropriate gloves for day evening or outings。

*Only bracelets are worn atop gloves on the wrist rings etc underneath 。

Jo Bryant-Etiquette&Wedding Consultant       

* As a general rule, gloves are worn for very formal events when the dress code is full evening dress (white tie) such as at a state banquet. The shorter the sleeve of the dress, the longer the glove; sleeveless dresses require long gloves. Rings are worn under the glove, but bracelets worn on top。

* Gloves are worn when travelling to and from the event, in the receiving line, when shaking hands and dancing。

* Gloves are not worn when drinking (for example reception champagne or cocktails) or eating (either a canapé or at the dinner table). Remove them efficiently and elegantly finger by finger without drama or struggle, and rest them on your lap under your napkin。

Jules Martinez Hirst-Modern Etiquette Expert   

Gone are the days when slapping someone with a glove was considered an insult. Gloves are a fashion accessory.To prevent more glove insults。

*You need to make sure you remove your gloves before eating anything.  Whether at a table or not, you should not eat while wearing your gloves.  If you are sitting, your gloves should be placed on your lap with your napkin laid over them。

*Your gloves should always cover your rings, but a bracelet over the glove is acceptable。

*While men should always remove their glove to shake hands, women only remove their glove to shake the hand of a head of state or a high ranking church official。

Courtney fadler-Bussniess& Children’s  Etiquette Expert

*If you want to add instant polish to any outfit, try a   pair of short wrist-length gloves. They are incredibly flattering and a show-stopping addition to your Sunday brunch or sunset cocktail party. Remove the gloves before eating, of course.

*Out for a stroll and meet some new acquaintances along the way? It’s completely fine to keep your gloves on for the handshake. However, once you are indoors (especially in a business setting) be sure to remove your gloves before you shake hands. It would be awkward, and possibly offensive, to keep them on in such an instance。

*Lastly, the “Material Girl” may have worn her diamond jewelry on the outside of her gloves, but we most assuredly should not;),Gloves are a fashion accessory.All jewelry should be worn underneath the glove. This assists in easily pulling off the gloves whenever necessary。

Juliet Mitchell(Ms.J)-The life Etiquette Expert 

*Never wear rings over gloves. Why would anyone want to do that?  To show of the ring? Well what does that say about the person? Show off!

*Gloves should not be worn when drinking, playing cards or putting on make-up. Really? It would be impractical to wear gloves doing any of those things。

*Who says gloves are for dressing up? Gloves are not just fashion accessories. If you garden like I do, there’s nothing like a good pair of garden gloves. Wear them when you’re digging in the dirt.  Believe me, it’s no small feat getting your nails clean after being wrist deep in the dirt. If you are in a hurry and think you can just quick wash your hands…well let’s just say that if you have to point at something, you might end of pointing with your knuckle。

Jeannie Vaage-Bussiness&Social Etiquette Expert

*We are so grateful to see someone else on a cold winters day, a handshake is never questioned. And if it’s not that cold, of course the glove is always removed for even more personal and warm contact. (How cold? 15 degrees below zero! )

*Except in Russia, where one never shakes hands with gloves no matter how co-o-o-ld!

*One should always be aware that the winter gloves used for doing the gritty work ie.–getting snow off the car, loading the groceries to and fro, shovelling snow,etc。

Should not be confused with gloves for socializing and walking in the winter wonderland!  

Maryanne Parker-Bussniess&Social Etiquette Expert

The gloves are one of the most sophisticated, elegant and fashion accessory in the fashion industry. And in my opinion everybody should own gloves for different occasions. We have several requirements for wearing gloves properly and appropriately。

*Pay attention to weather conditions and specific occasions–We need to be aware mainly of the weather conditions and the particular occasion.I live in California where the weather is always sunny and beautiful and the gloves I am wearing here are very different comparing to the gloves,I would be wearing in Europe during the winter season for example.I love to wear gloves with long length. If the dress is sleeveless or in general the sleeves are shorter, the gloves look very beautiful, elegant and exquisite when are over the elbow or at the elbow. The material should compliment the season, the occasion and the entire outfit. Also the color coordination has a significant role and effect. Long length gloves are recommended for formal evening Charity events, opera, Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme parties and many more。

*Do not remove gloves when shaking hands and remove gloves when eating–We do not remove gloves when we meet people and we shake hands, only if the gloves are made by heavier winter appropriate materials.Unfortunately many people do not know this etiquette rule and might make the rest of us feel uncomfortable. We always should remove our gloves while dining. Both hands, not just one。

*Keep hands warm and comfortable–I usually drive wearing leather gloves during the cooler months in California. This always creates a feeling of warmness and comfort. Also, keeps the hands soft, which is important if we are meeting business partners and associates and we need to shake hands, because we would like to feel confident and prepared from the very beginning not apologetic due to our  hands being cold. Everything matters, and everything adds up to our first impression. We can bring some fun into the winter months while wearing brighter color gloves such as yellow, red, green, blue, red etc. Also, the gloves are part of our ensemble. I always pay attention to men wearing beautiful gloves. Looks very elegant and complete。

Isoble Kershaw-Etiquette trainer                   

*If worn to an event or occasion they should be cream for ultimate class but pastel if wanting a more fashion forward finish。

*Gloves can be worn for meeting and greeting in general, however they must be removed in church and when meeting folk of higher echelons!Please remove with elegance and poise as there is an art, especially considering they are made of fine leather or other luxury fabrics.  After all that is where the expression ‘should be treated with kid gloves ‘ came from。

*Another underrated use for them during summer is to ensure a lady maintains soft and youthful hands by protecting them from the sun!

They should of course be removed on entering a house and to eat!

Louise Fox –The Etiquette Ladies                 

*Remove gloves while shaking hands or eating–Unless you are a royal, titled, have a medical condition, or are meeting outdoors during a Canadian winter, you should remove your gloves to greet someone and shake hands,Unless you are Queen Victoria who had an endless supply of gloves at her disposal, it makes no sense to eat with gloves on.  They are likely to become soiled and the only message that sends to others is that you are a messy eater.

*Wearing gloves is an elegant and stylish choice–Ladies wearing gloves 60 years ago was a fashion statement. Gloves are a fashion accessory. Like wearing a hat, it completed your outfit and sent the message you were a lady of refinement and style.As times have changed and fashion is more a matter of choice and an expression of your creative style and individuality, wearing gloves is a personal choice。

*Wearing gloves is a safe choice–Considering we are more aware of that fact that many illnesses are spread by coming in contact with germs with our hands, it could be more prudent to wear gloves and remove them later to be washed, than constantly applying chemical sanitizer every time we touch something.  I say bring back the gloves!

Lewena Bayer-Civility Expert                       

when gloves are worn strictly for fashion and not required (as in not part of military uniform etc)

 * would be to remove the gloves when dining and also when greeting others。

*Guideline would be that if gloves are not required, e.g. you are attending a family wedding and its hot out, don’t bother with gloves. There is often a perception of snobbery or elitism and the focus should be on making others comfortable, not on putting in airs。

*Gloves are a fashion accessory.if you do wear gloves for fashion it is recommended to wear your rings etc. under the gloves。

Pamela Harvit-Bussiness Etiquette Trainer 

*Do not wear rings or watches OVER gloves。

*When eating, gloves should be removed and placed on one’s lap (under the napkin)

*The length of the glove is determined by the length of the sleeve. In other words, the shorter the sleeve, the longer the glove。

Jacquelyn Youst-Grace Guru                         

*Always remove gloves when eating。

*Always remove gloves when shaking hands. This removes barriers and allows you to truly connect with the other person。

*Do not wear jewelry under gloves。

Sharon Schweitzer-Cross-cultural business expert

*Men and women remove their right glove to shake hands in warmer climates in the winter.However there are exceptions where gloves are not removed, such as below-freezing climates and when wearing padded sport gloves like ski mittens while you are on the slopes in Whistler or Banff, for instance。

*Remember, gloves are not removed indoors at very formal occasions and when going through or standing in a receiving line like a Consular Ball。

*Gloves are always removed before dining。

Anna Musson-Etiquette Coach                  

*As tempting as it may be, rings are worn inside not over your gloves。

*If your gloves are worn with a coat and scarf, they should be removed when you come indoors, as you would your coat, hat etc。

*We do not eat, drink or smoke with gloves on。

Laura Akano-Trainer at Polished Manners 

*In modern times, dress gloves are not considered an important fashion accessory for ladies as in years gone by. However, we do have a lot more variety in terms of style, design and material, especially cold weather gloves.The Queen is often seen wearing gloves when meeting and shaking hands with people, it helps to keep her hands clean. At a formal dinner, a lady must remove her pair of gloves discreetly, place it on her lap and place her dinner napkin on top.A pair of gloves should be worn rather than carried, it should not be used for swatting or to fan yourself.
*Etiquette dictates that only a bracelet can be worn over a glove, I believe that the glove looks more elegant without this accessory.
*The colour and style of your pair of gloves should be dictated by what you are wearing.
For an evening occasion, the shorter your sleeves, the longer your pair of gloves should be. A short pair of gloves should not be worn to a white tie event.

Jackie Vernon-Thompson-International Certified Etiquette Consultant                                 


* It is of utmost importance that the gloves are removed before eating or drinking of tea, etc.
* Never be afraid to wear gloves, but be sure it matches your outfit to some degree. Gloves are great accessory pieces and come in various colors, fabrics, and lengths. Be sure that the gloves you wear is appropriate for the occasion and the attire you’re wearing.
* Be sure that your gloves are clean and presentable once you wear them. Not only take pride in yourself, take pride in your accessories including your gloves. It too, enhances your selected outfit . 

Candace Smith-Life & Business Expert             

I believe the experts interviewed have touched on all of the “how to’s” of etiquette. The summary points of why gloves are worn:
* protection, warmth
* protocol and propriety of tradition or uniform
* presentation as stylish or fashionable
The experts well-cover what anyone might want to know in how to present oneself, and be, recognizably respectful.      

Rosalinda Oropeza Randall-Workplace Civility & Soft Skills Expert                                                             

When wearing gloves, here are a few points to consider when interacting with others:
*Remove your winter gloves when you enter a workplace or someone’s home.You are not expected to remove gardening gloves.Don’t shake someone’s hand when wearing latex protective gloves.
*Depending on the familiarity of the relationship and the season, consider gloves as a unique gift idea. It’s an item most of us do not think about or splurge on.
*If someone lends you a pair of gloves and you lose them or soil them, replace them with a pair of Harssidanzar gloves.

WOW!What an amazing collection of interesting rule.

Now I want to turn it over to you.

Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to this mammoth post!

What are your favorite modern gloves etiquette rules? Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.


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