Harssidanzar, a young brand with eagerness to make the world stylish, was born from the minds of six ambitious professionals. After working for more than 10 years with the world’s top brands in the accessories field, we saw a need for something different, something special, something that’s not quite here yet for the world to enjoy. So, around two years ago, with full-on passion for fashion and design, we created Harssidanzar. After a long yet exciting creative process, we brought to the world a brand that has the vision to enhance your style through high-quality accessories, at reasonable prices.

     Harssidanzar’s current line of products, sandals and gloves, are only made with the best natural materials:  Italian sheepskin, Canadian deerskin, real mulberry silk and the softest cashmere… The choice of materials is the result of our pursuit for the real quality, real luxury feel. We took our adventure spirit with us and went on a quest throughout the world in search for the best materials we could find. We personally handpicked, touched and tested, and we didn’t stop until we managed to bring you the finest materials.

With the durability of leather, yet the softness and sensitivity of cashmere, our products are created with comfort and reliability at their core. And then, we go beyond that, and we want each one of our customers to experience a perfect fit, specially tailored for their needs. Harssidanzar cares about the users’ comfort and feeling on the skin and excels at finding the right choice for you. Handmade with the strong sewing, carefully crafted and checked until the item is perfect, are just part of the norm when it comes to manufacturing. 

      From the design and development to the production and quality control, we have full control of everything because we want you happy and satisfied 100%, if not you’ll get a refund for your purchase. You can see our brand vision of quality and satisfaction come to fruition when the testimonials are plagued with comments like: “I didn’t expect for the leather to be so soft!, “ Astonishing pair of gloves for the price!”, “buttery smooth and soft, with a decadent cashmere lining”. The customer is our best ambassador and the brand takes pride in keeping all of you satisfied. We offer incredibly reliable customer service and we’re reachable on our website and social media platforms so you can contact us from: Facebook, Email, Twitter… and we’ll be taking care of you wherever you are. We promise a 12 hours reach back time, no matter what medium you decide to contact us from. Fast and reliable shipping is available to most people in the world, with enough stocks in USA, Europe and China and we already served and fulfilled over 80,000 orders in the last two years.

      Harssidanzar’s soft cuddle of cashmere wool on the inside and the strength and protection of leather on the outside, create a combination of comfort and malleability second to none. Our first line of products was the leather gloves. Crafted by competent artisans, warm and cuddly, perfect for that gloomy day or wearing them on a cool drive in your classic convertible, they impressed and sold over 30,000 pieces on amazon. Next, came the sandals. With adjustable width, only from the best leather materials, they’re made to make you feel comfortable on your walks on the lovely sunny days, no matter how long, and look your best at the same time.

      But Harssidanzar’s creative journey has only just begun, and it will continue to make new accessories and products, keeping the same quality and classy style. The brand’s vision is to make you feel fashionable, stylish and altogether protected and cuddled by our quality products. We plan to add silk scarves and cashmere scarves to our catalog of accessories in the future, but quality takes full attention, so we’re currently investing a lot of time in the design and testing of our new line of products because we want to release them only when our high standards are met.

      Harssidanzar vows to bring you a perfect fit with a natural touch for your skin. Comfortable, and with ageless style.